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Alternative indie band blending acoustic and electric instrumentation in songs ranging from hard rock to sweetly melodic indie pop.

Songwriters Glenn Geiger (voice and guitars) and Steve Dietemann (bass) started collaborating in 2009. After adding Al Bauman on drums and Steve Elling on guitar, the four-piece group began constructing a set of original music as 8 Foot River, playing clubs and coffee houses in and around Western Massachusetts. 8 Foot River’s first full-length album, titled Neighbors, was released in November 2013. From the opening notes of the first track, “Heavy,” with Geiger’s vocals setting a relaxed, easy tone, to the soaring coda of the final song, “Up to Me,” the album carries the listener on a seamless, powerful emotional journey from calm, to frustration and heartache, and finally, in the fading outro, to catharsis and peace.

During the recording of Neighbors, 8 Foot River added Ed Stein on piano and organ. The fullness of Stein’s playing added the final layer to their sound and is part of the current lineup.