8 Foot River


8 Foot River 2018

We’ve tracked 15 songs and have finished mixing and mastering them. A very big and deserved thanks to Allen Hamlin for helping out with this (again). The album is available to buy on Bandcamp, so please check it out!

Neighbors 2013

Our first full length CD. 12 songs written by Glenn Geiger and Steve Dietemann. Recorded in Lee, MA by Allen Hamlin in his home studio, and mixed by Glenn and Allen.


  • Al Bauman played drums and percussion
  • Steve Elling played mandolin and electric guitar
  • Steve Dietemann played bass and guitar
  • Glenn Geiger sang and played guitars, bass and keys
  • Ed Stein played keys and accordion
  • Eugene Carr played cello

The original tracks were recorded live: drums, bass, electric guitars, and mandolin were done at the same time. Then we overdubbed the acoustic guitars, vocals, some keyboards and some percussion, maybe we added a thing or two if it sounded good to us.

If you like what you hear, please buy it by clicking the little “buy” link under the album cover. You can buy individual tracks, or purchase the CD which comes with a high quality digital download. Thanks to Bandcamp.

two of me and my shoes 2015

An instrumental and experimental record by Glenn Geiger, originally recorded in 2009, then remixed, editied down, and added to in 2015.

For a list of performers and more details on this record, checkout the Bandcamp page here.