8 Foot River

music videos posted 03/12/2014


We noticed there’s a lot of new material that didn’t make it on to Neighbors, and we were wondering how to get those songs out there. Too soon, expensive, and time consuming to start another record. We decided to take the YouTube approach.

In the same place we recorded our record we setup to perform a few songs live. Allen Hamlin knows the band real good now, so setting us up to record is another skill he’s added to his kit.

We asked Steve Elling (guitar) if his brother Gene Elling could come by and shoot some video of the performances. Thanks to Gene for that! He set up any iPhones we had in our pockets and took one camera to move around with.

We’ve got three finished as of today. Next time you see us we hope you remember these songs. We’ll be sure to play them.